If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have connections to A-list celebrities, top DJs, Hall of Fame athletes, or Award-winning musicians. When planning an event, these types of connections are necessary for getting these important people scheduled. This is where a booking agency can be helpful.

There are many booking agencies all over the world who have exclusive and shared clients across a multitude of platforms. One of the top amongst these is MN2S. This booking agency, based originally out of London, England, has connections to stars all over world. They have been booking these stars for more than 20 years in over 100 countries. They also have recently expanded to open a new office in Miami, FL, USA.

The booking agents  at either office can aid any talent buyer or event coordinator to get some of these celebrities or musicians. This group represents some huge names in several industries. They have such popular music acts as too short, Flo Rida, Ludacris, and Wycleaf Jean. They have fantastic DJ’s such as Afrika Bambaataa, Mad Professor, and DJ Jazzy Jeff available to be booked for performances. They also have celebrities and athletes like Pele, Bear Grylls, Magic Johnson, Paris Hilton, and Tyson Fury available for appearances.

Many booking agencies have other benefits as well. For example, MN2S puts together branded events that bring together multiple clients and consumers alike. Some of these events have included the All About the 00’s tours, the Studio 54 tour, and Space Ibiza. On top of these branded events that can aid their clients, MN2S also offers record label services as well as PR and Social Media Management for artists on their roster. In addition to these services, MN2S also connects the talents on their roster with brands that will help expand the audiences of both.

In addition to their expansion office in the US, MN2S is constantly expanding their roster in all aspects. They have recently added to their roster stars like Jacquees, Ice-T, DJ Green Lantern, Loras Tyrell, and Craig Charles on the musical side. In athletics, they have recently added Byrony Page, Phillip Hindes, and Penny Coomes. MN2S has also added several actors and actresses to their roster recently including Christopher McDonald, Kathryn Hahn, Anthony Anderson, Kaley Cuoco, and Danny Glover.

In addition to their fantastic roster and hardworking agents, MN2S has a director who has professionally been on both sides of the booking process and knows what clients what on both sides of that process. The agents work diligently to get the right artist for the right situation. With a broad roster and variety of different talents to choose from, it is possible to find a talent for nearly any situation.