The best parties are thrown at the comfort of your home. You can plan the decorations according to your own taste, complementing your wall shades and you do not have to time limit your party. The only concern for the host is the after-party cleaning. Some guests may offer to stay back to help you with your cleaning task, but you would not allow, out of courtesy.

There is a lot to clean after a house party. Even though you may have made some rules on your own, like restricting bedrooms for the guests or avoiding the use of your own utensils, but it will be rude to stop someone from using your bedroom if they are not feeling well and wants to have their food while resting.

You cannot control the mess, but you can have clever cleaning tips after the party that will clean up your place in time at all. We are sharing few of these tips here:

Check for immediate attention seeking stains

The spilling of liquids is very common during a party. While the big spills are cleaned on the spot, some small spills go unnoticed during a full-house party. So, after the party, the foremost thing is to look for spills under the couch or chair or behind the curtain. Check for dried up stains on the upholstered furniture or bed (if used) or carpet. Cleaning them at the earliest will save you from irritating hard scrubbing later.

In fact, to ensure there are no ants at the party and in your food, clean the food spills at the right moment, especially the spills from sugary food. If there is a big spot, mix about 2 cups of distilled water with 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and 1 tablespoon of vinegar in a bucket. Dip a light-colored microfiber cloth into the solution and bloat the strained area. Do not rub or scrub. Wait for a few minutes. Bloat it again to clean off all the soap. Remember to do a patch test on the furniture, before using it on a larger area of the strain.

Broken glasses- picked up best with a bread

A party is not a party without drinks. And they are best served in the glass tumblers, but they are more prone to accidental breakage. The broken glass on the floor is easy to locate and remove but you may find broken glass pieces under your couch or sometimes in the bathroom when you start wrapping up after a party.

Tip: Use bread pieces to pick up the smaller glass pieces.

Pick up and classify stuff at the same instance

This is a time-saving idea. Usually, when I have to put away the scattered things after the party, I classify every item being picked into their place of putting away. For example, after my son’s birthday party, I was cleaning the hall for stuff like burst balloons, small toys, shoes, etc. I kept three boxes (or mark area on the floor or couch) and started picking stuff from the floor. I kept each of the items at a separate designated place, like all toys collected on the couch, all solid rubbish in box and clothes in another box. This way, Iwould only have to take the box of solid waste to the bin once.

Soak utensils before wash

Another super clever idea is to scrap up all food from dishes, fill the sink with hot soapy water and throw in all cutlery and cooking utensils to soak. Do this before you start with other cleaning routines, so that by the time you finished those, the hot soapy water will dissolve all the oil from the dishes. Washing them afterward will be a smooth process.

It is best to follow some precautionary practices and easy solutions before the start of the party, such as, store your valuable or fragile items in the off-limits rooms.

Use disposables for almost every meal time. Even wine glasses and champagne flutes are available in disposable form.

Keep paper towels and cloths in easy-to-grab locations so you can wipe up spillsimmediately.

Keep separate garbage bins for trash and for recyclingand label them.

And do not let the worries about cleaning come in your way of having fun at the party.