“Work hard play hard” seems to be the motto of today’s generation. Our work schedule has been consuming us, so when it is time to play we want the best. We all look forward to that TV, music and party time over the weekends. Yes, we wish the best. We appreciate when we get to watch our favourite movie with perfect sound and clarity. No doubt why home theatre system seems to be flooded in San Francisco’s electrical market!

Indeed inventors were predicting about the 4K TV’s even before there was any content available to the viewers. All this was because they knew the importance of visual performance, the premium quality that would be demanded by the users. In the same way high-resolution audio which is the audio in the purest form or reproduction of how the creator intended the user to absorb it and appreciate the nuances of the art. Though in the last decade or so, convenience has overtaken performance and detail, compressed formats of audio and video have prevailed. This format results in portability and allows the consumers access it any time of the day, but the question remains. At the cost of what have, we gravitated towards this portability.

All this has been changing in the recent past. Reports suggest that majority of consumers are turning towards streaming services in their homes. Increasing in popularity are the high fidelity services with the likes of Spotify, Amazon videos, Netflix and Qobuz. These services provide convenience and quality at the same time. With high-speed broadband services available at affordable rates consumers in and around are turning towards San Francisco Residential Audio Video pieces of equipment for their home use.

Some of us might even wonder if, installing such high-resolution equipment does, after all, make any difference if people can differentiate between high-low resolutions. We have to accept the fact that extensive research has proven that human ears can find the difference and most consumers do appreciate the detail. The ethics of AV industry and inventors leads to thinking that, there shouldn’t be a debate if the consumer can make the difference between the two, but to make them aware of the recent technology and make it accessible for them to use.

With pioneering inventions like the MQA: Master Quality Authenticated- It’s a method of digitally storing audio and video files in a compressed format without loss of data- high-resolution Residential Audio Video is the future in our homes. The AV industry is all about delivering this premium quality to satisfy the common man. Moving away from low-resolution AV formats will also be a tribute to the great artists and musicians around the world. They would like us to see, listen and experience their work and appreciate it. They have their lifetime and career dedicated to their art and creation, which shouldn’t be lost outside the studio. Performance and detail with convenience at the same time are what is going to be the demanding factor for consumers in the future.