Not all marquees are the same, so if you have a specific theme in mind, it’s important to make sure that you hire the right one. The differences are mostly cosmetic but some types of marquee are far more suited to larger venues.

Here we’re going to provide you with an overview of the most common types, helping you to decide whether the one you had in mind is right for your event.

The Frame Marquee

The most common type and one suited to all occasions. Framed marquees consist of an aluminium or steel skeleton which acts as a frame that sits at the perimeter of the marquee. Contemporary in design, other features include:

  • A clear span facilitating an unobstructed view for speeches and performances.
  • Less requirement for floor space making them much more suited to smaller venues.
  • The ability to erect the framed marquee anywhere as they are weighted down with bags instead of by using pegs in the ground.
  • Framed marquees are much more stable, with the ability to withstand higher wind speeds and greater snow loadings. Perfect for times of poor weather.
  • The ability to divide each marquee into smaller sections and create sub-spaces and individual rooms.

The Traditional Marquee

The traditional marquee is a favourite at weddings due their classical high-top design. This type of marquee is supported by individual poles placed at strategic locations as well as with the use of ropes. Selling points include:

  • Being much more effective in larger environments. If space isn’t at a premium, this marquee is for you.
  • The poles used for internal support are perfect for decorating. Customers often choose to wrap ribbons around them to provide a personal touch.
  • If timeless elegance is what you’re after, you’ve made the right choice with a traditional marquee.

The Chinese Hat Marquee

Similar to the traditional type, the Chinese hat marquee offers that swooping big-top with a much more modern feel. Also known as the pagoda, this type of marquee makes a great focal point and is suitable for events where the ease of access into and out of the marquee is paramount.

If a little more privacy is required, walls can be supplied in both transparent and opaque form.

The Stretch Tent

Much more unusual is the stretch tent. This type can also be erected anywhere including gravel and concrete as they can be secured using a multitude of different methods. What you do need to be mindful of is the fact that quite a few poles are needed to act as a support, potentially comprising the amount of usable space you have available.

The Bell Tent

Bell tents are similar to the popular yurt but are more contemporary in design. The benefits are that they are small and can easily be transported and relocated if needed. The bell tent is perfect for all of those occasions where an intimate setting is preferred.

Hire Your Marquee

By now you’ll probably have decided on the type that is right for you. Hiring a marquee is the usual way to go so look up a company offering marquee hire. There are several suppliers across Melbourne so you’re sure to find one offering the exact type of marquee you require.

You’re only a phone call away from making your special occasion one to remember with the marquee of your dreams.